KINGDOM OF LIGHT is by far the biggest seller - even though it was ‘just’ the second album of my EM career.
At the time I was signing my music with my real name, it was only later that I chose the stage name INDRA.
Most likely, the extraordinary success I had with this album was due to the simple compositions, their themes and melodics easily awakening the hearts of the listeners. No wonder it was a favourite album for a long time...
I intended the album to be homage to Romanian spirituality since the beginning and I even resorted to some of the oldest and best known folklore found in Romanian tradition (the fourth track: 'Ciuleandra'). I usually do not rework existent themes or ideas, but this had to be special. Fans appreciated 'Waving' the most, followed up by 'Rustic Pictures'.
With the thought of creating a mental connection between Romanian and Hindu spirituality and on the edge of the controversial theory of the Indo-European migration, I called the last track 'Malini', a specific term from the ancient Indian shivaic tradition referring to the cosmic mystery of phonemes or subtle sounds.
I smiled while revising this material, and remembered how frantic I was in that period of my life, my compositions marked by the multitude of themes, musicality and inventiveness. However, in the years that followed all these became more and more abstract and magical...

Written in 1993, KINGDOM OF LIGHT is the 2nd work of INDRA’s catalogue to be dusted and re-edited. It’s also INDRA’s most popular album before his music crosses the Romanian borders. We are discovering a 2nd album to rhythms surrounded by very nice orchestral arrangements. Oniric rhythmic structures where tempos are mainly moved by an impetuous synth, exception made of 'Rustic Pictures' and 'Malini', a little as Schulze made it on albums such as TOTEM and PICTURE MUSIC but with more musicality and suave orchestral arrangements.
KINGDOM OF LIGHT is doubtless the most orchestral album of INDRA. Rarely did I hear so much Mellotron and philarmonic tones on INDRA than on KINGDOM OF LIGHT. But it doesn’t smear at all the Romanian synthesist’s propensity to compose soft and enchanting EM whose minimalism is used as premises to beautiful and subtle permutations in rhythms which are sometimes skilfully built on synth impetus. The mark of a great synthesist and music composer.
(Sylvain Lupari (Canada) - )


released October 5, 2013

Composed, performed and mixed by INDRA
Re-mastering by Catalin Truta
Design by Solaris
Produced by INDRA

Copyright 1993, INDRA
Published 2010, Eagle Music


all rights reserved



INDRA Bucharest, Romania


“Music can be a truly magical element, provided it is sublimely conceived in a spirit of pure, profound and harmonious ideas.”

The music of INDRA is remarkable for its well realised construction, smart nuances, lack of monotony – which in many cases crowns electronic music -, carrying also its own unmistakable imprint.
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