Special Edition - CD9 - MATANGI (2012)


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Endogenous Imagine the emotion and drive of Moondawn era Schulze combined with the sound and scale of his early 90s epics. That gives you a flavour of this excellent stand out Indra offering. I only discovered him recently and have listened to a few of the Special Edition series. This one was top of the pile for me. Love it Favorite track: The Sound of Magic.


The 'Special Edition – Tantric Celebration' comprise 12 CDs. Musically, the first 10 CDs represent the Ten Great Cosmic Powers, the 11th is inspired by the divine couple Shiva-Shakti and the 12th resonates with the mysterious consciousness of Bhairava, The Divine Absolute.

The Ten Great Cosmic Powers are usually called The Ten Knowledges or The Ten Wisdom Forms of God's energy. They reflect the deeper truths of life hidden behind our attachment to the physical. Their messages are sometimes inspiring and occasionally frightening because they portray all aspects of life itself. However, for those seeking something beyond the ordinary, The Ten Wisdom Forms are always instructive and ultimately rewarding.
Each of the Ten Great Cosmic Powers is a particular approach to self-realization and to knowledge of that within us which transcends space, time and ephemeral existence. Yet, every one of the Ten Great Goddesses has within herself many multiple dimensions.

The music included on the 12 CDs is specially conceived to create a meditative state of consciousness in the listener and to encourage the mind to identify with each particular Great Goddess or with one of Her dimensions. The relationship between the listener's psyche and the music from one or more of the Special Edition will create an empathy between the listener and each of the respective Great Cosmic Powers.


released September 28, 2013

Composed, performed and mixed by INDRA
Mastering by Catalin Truta
Cover Art by Solaris
Produced by INDRA

Copyright 2012, INDRA
Published 2012, Eagle Music



all rights reserved


INDRA Bucharest, Romania


“Music can be a truly magical element, provided it is sublimely conceived in a spirit of pure, profound and harmonious ideas.”

The music of INDRA is remarkable for its well realised construction, smart nuances, lack of monotony – which in many cases crowns electronic music -, carrying also its own unmistakable imprint.
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