I’ve always liked to compose music, be it space or ambient, but did not want it put in the same frame with that of composers who are only dedicated to this genre.
In my vision, there had to be a certain dynamism applied to my music and by saying that I’m not referring to rhythm or tempo, but to a sustained evolutionary structure in which the mind and psyche of the listener would find the roots of higher, sublime ideas.
'Cosmic Sound' is the beginning of such an idea. Two long tracks would give me enough time to develop a wide spectrum of sounds and motifs, I thought.
First track, Nova New, has a crescendo and an almost dramatic final, space odyssey like.
Second track, Veda, also represents a voyage among the stars, galaxies and eternal nostalgia. String ensembles and flute are imposing, following the same theme that is repeated in several styles and interesting variations.
Technical misfortunes did not wait long to appear, mainly because of the multi-track recorder. In part, the errors were removed during the re-mastering process albeit the tapes were of a poor quality, having been stored for 16-17 years.

'Cosmic Sound' was recorded in the fall of 1994 and it took me about two weeks in whole. Having it all done, I must say that I was pleased with my first attempt to compose space music. It gave me wings and I was ready to look deeper into this genre, which is what I did in the following years…


released October 5, 2013

All music composed and performed by INDRA
Re-mastering by Catalin Truta
Design by Solaris
Produced by INDRA

Copyright 1994, INDRA
Published 2010, Eagle Music


all rights reserved



INDRA Bucharest, Romania


“Music can be a truly magical element, provided it is sublimely conceived in a spirit of pure, profound and harmonious ideas.”

The music of INDRA is remarkable for its well realised construction, smart nuances, lack of monotony – which in many cases crowns electronic music -, carrying also its own unmistakable imprint.
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