THE PYRAMID CONCERT - Live in Denmark (2008)




A novel experience, which inspired me in a special way. The huge wooden pyramid, the very friendly atmosphere, the elevated public... A pyramid is a sacred place, if you know how to relate to it correctly. It induces an expanded state of consciousness and its subtle reverberations create an almost magical state, both in the performer and the audience.

I played some musical pieces which I like very much and which I still listen to even now. 'Tiamat Response' is a variation of a piece which appeared on one of the Special Edition albums, but the theme I liked so much that I wanted to redo it from another perspective, even if I rarely do this at concerts. On the other hand, 'The Ruler', was initially conceived in a different form and duration, but in the end I decided to play this piece at the concert. I was pleased with the result, so much so that I kept this variation. However, I am most attracted by the last piece ('The Dreamer'), which was produced spontaneously in a moment of inspiration. I used just a few sequencers made a short while before the show. Everything there seemed like a calling from afar, and I entered into this dream of celestial sounds...

Even though there was an encore, I have not included it on this album because there were some problem with the recording of it, due to a fluctuation in the electrical current. I am sorry, because this encore was a very successful improvisation, at which saxophonist Hans Hvass from Ibis band also performed. Even so I hope that my fans will enjoy the wonderful resonant sounds of this concert, as much as I felt and integrated them in my being...


released September 29, 2013

Recorded live at Rodvig, Denmark on July 16th, 2008

Composed and performed by INDRA
Sound engineers: Catalin Truta and Geo Constantinescu
Cover: Solaris
Produced by Sahaj Porslund

Copyright 2009, INDRA
Published by Eagle Music



all rights reserved


INDRA Bucharest, Romania


“Music can be a truly magical element, provided it is sublimely conceived in a spirit of pure, profound and harmonious ideas.”

The music of INDRA is remarkable for its well realised construction, smart nuances, lack of monotony – which in many cases crowns electronic music -, carrying also its own unmistakable imprint.
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